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Rachlin-Olman Law Offices

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Israel Real Estate Law

Introducing our law firm

Our Law Firm

Rachlin-Olman Law Office is dedicated to helping English-speaking clients in Israel and abroad navigate the complexities of the Israeli legal system and realize their dreams. We offer decades of experience, personalized service in English, and deep familiarity with Israeli business culture. 
Services we provide: real estate purchases and sales, rental contracts, small business support, wills and estates, notarization, employment law.

Primary Areas of Practice


Residential Real Estate

At Rachlin-Olman Law Offices we are well positioned to facilitate real estate transactions for English-speaking clientele, be they in Israel or abroad, including sale, purchase and lease of residential properties.


Wills and Estates

To avoid unintended complications it is advisable to have your will drawn up and witnessed by an experienced attorney. At Rachlin-Olman, we are experienced in drafting wills in either Hebrew or English, including Israeli wills for overseas residents.


Enduring Powers of Attorney

We are expert at crafting Enduring Powers of Attorney, which enables individuals, while they are still healthy and legally competent, to appoint specific people to manage specific affairs of their choosing should their circumstances deteriorate.


Notarial Services

We provide a range of notarial services, including signature confirmation, certification of documents, translation and validation of certificates, wills and other documents.

Our Partners

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Partner and Notary

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