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Areas of Practice

Residential Real Estate

At Rachlin-Olman Law Offices we are well positioned to facilitate real estate  transactions for English-speaking clientele, be they in Israel or abroad, including sale, purchase and lease of residential properties.  In Israel, all due diligence is performed before any final contract is signed, and we help create a team that aids clients in making informed, educated decisions. In addition to an experienced attorney, the team may include a real estate broker, a mortgage broker, an appraiser and, when necessary, an architect and an interior designer.

Our services include:

  • Power of Attorney and other documents required to sign the contract, to be signed overseas or in Israel 

  • Contract negotiation 

  • Due diligence and title search of the rights to the property

  • Signing the contract on the client’s behalf and filing transaction tax report, and facilitating payments pertaining to the transaction.

  • Transfer of title: Ownership is transferred to the buyer when all the terms of the purchase have been met.

Real Estate

Wills and Estates 

Wills in Israel are generally more simple affairs than those seen overseas. Because there is currently no inheritance tax in Israel (this may change in the future), there is no need for complicated tax shelters as has become the norm in other parts of the world. In addition, the use of trusts - which is seen in many foreign wills - is much less common in Israel. In the majority of probate applications, there is no executor appointed.

However, a will must conform to the parameters of the law to be legally binding and accepted by the Court.  A will not properly executed may be declared invalid and your assets will be distributed in accordance with the Basic Inheritance Law and not in accordance with your will. In addition, certain wording or structuring of your will may result in unintended complications or trigger a lengthy and expensive probate process. In order to ensure that your wishes are carried out as per your intentions after your death, it is advisable to have your will drawn up and witnessed by an experienced attorney.

At Rachlin-Olman, we are experienced in drafting wills in either Hebrew or English, including Israeli wills for overseas residents.


Enduring Powers of Attorney

In 2017, an amendment was passed to the Law of Legal Capacity and Guardianship to help Israelis determine in advance who would be appointed to make decisions on their behalf should they become legally incapacitated.  This new document, known as an Enduring Power of Attorney (EPOA), enables individuals, while they are still healthy and legally competent, to appoint specific people to manage specific affairs of their choosing should their circumstances deteriorate.

An individual (the “Principal”) can empower appointees to manage future affairs in any of three categories: (A) Financial and Property Issues, (B) Personal Matters (everyday needs excluding financial issues) and (C) Medical Issues.  The Principal can appoint different people for different categories, as well as co-appointees and alternates. Although it is possible to appoint people who reside outside of Israel, this can create obvious logistical problems and such decisions should be made only after careful consideration of the appointee's circumstances.  Appointees must sign consent confirm that they are fully aware of the Principal's wishes and agree to faithfully carry out those desires.

An EPOA can only be drafted and submitted by an Israeli attorney who has been certified by the Israeli Bar Association and who has completed a special course on preparing EPOAs and advising clients on the various options included in the document.

It is important to note that the Enduring Power of Attorney does not cover “end of life measures” and for that reason it is recommended that clients also execute an additional document called the Advanced Medical Directive in the format approved by the Ministry of Health.  This document can help make sure your wishes are carried out with regards to care at the end of your life.

Power of Attourney

Notarial Services

Our notarial services include:

  • Confirmation of signatures on documents including power of attorney and mortgage documents

  • Certification of copies of original documents

  • Translation and/or certification of certificates such as birth, marriage or death certificates

  • Notarized translation of wills or any other document from Hebrew to English or English to Hebrew

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